It was yet another lovely Sunday morning, and most of the people were on the peak of celebrating the “Festival of Lights”. Even before my alarm woke me up, the sound of crackers made me jump out of my bed. I peeped out of the window, and saw everyone enjoying, and waiting to burst the crackers. I got ready, and went out to have my share of fun. Though I was enjoying there, in one deep corner of my mind, I was thinking about the GBH kids.

GBH!!! That was where I had planned to go with my colleagues that evening, and celebrate with those kids. Arthi and I had always wished to go there since a long time. When we heard that the usual visitors; Arnab, Ganesh, and Naren, were planning to go, we decided to accompany them. We reached there by 4.00 pm, and saw many more colleagues coming in for the celebrations. Ganesh, Naren and Debatma had arranged for the sweets, and Sundaram had managed to get a big box of crackers.

Before we began the fun, we spoke to a few kids, who were to be relocated with their families. They had either run away from their homes or had got lost while travelling. They were locked in a room, so that, they don’t run away or get lost again. Few kids were watching TV, while few others were playing amid themselves. These kids were either sent back to their families, if traced, or sent to GBH of different cities, after a period of 3 months.

There was another group of kids in a different building, who lived there. Few of those kids had gone back home for Diwali and were returning. The sight of the parents coming and leaving their own kids was so pathetic. Most of the people left their kids there, as they don’t have enough money to bring them up.

Meanwhile, we asked the supervisors to bring all the kids together, so that, we could start the fun. We distributed sweets to them. Few kids came forward to showcase their talents. They sang songs and danced. We were amazed to see everyone sing a song in chorus, and three kids dancing for it. It was really nice to see them enjoying and they were eagerly waiting to burst crackers.

At around 6.00 pm, we went to the ground, outside the home, to play with the fireworks. All the kids stood in a row, and waited for their turns to come. They were divided into groups and we took care of them while bursting the crackers. We made sure that everyone got their turns.

We, along with the kids, had a splendid time. We had so much of fun that we did not bother to check the time. It was 8.00 pm, and we never knew that two hours had passed by then. The kids were sent back to their rooms.

We waved them and squeezed ourselves in Sundaram’s car and got dropped in the station. While in the train, on the way back home, the sight of the fireworks sparkling in the dark sky reminded me of the kids, their talents, and notably the fun we had with them. It was indeed an awesome evening…

Archana Raghunath