Well…What to say about the Independence celebrations happened in GBH on Sunday. It was a very successful, enjoyable and a tiresome celebration which brought smiles in lots of kids faces. We have got more volunteers this time and I am proud to say that everyone is from Gen Re project.

7 of us assembled in Chennai beach station by 9AM and we made our way to GBH with a cup of expensive but a tasty tea from Saravana bhavan. By the time we reached GBH, we were surprised to see that few of our friends have already reached and started the preparation.

Arnab started his day by asking details with the kids waiting to go home and to be frank they were very cooperative by giving their name and contact details. Parallely Gowtham was also collecting the contact details from a boy. He started saying his contact number as 0678 and so our poor Gowtham started dialing the number and finaly he realised that the kid is making fun out of him because the number was 0678912345 etc. which is just a sequential number…:-)

Come on guys....come on....
Come on guys….come on….

Now its time for fun. We splitted ourselves into 3 different groups and the boys were splitted into 3 different groups namely Gandhi, Nehru, Anna with almost 25 boys in each group. It all started as usual with shouting and trying to assemble the kids. Atlast we were able to assemble everyone and the participation of the boys were tremendous. We started with the running race event for all the boys and  we could see some Usain Bolt and Carl Lewis on the track.

Almost on the verge of fall
Almost on the verge of fall

Parallely another group of our CSR team conducted the Lemon & Spoon event. Boys were given a spoon with a small lemon on it. They have to hold the spoon with the lemon in their mouth and who crosses the mark wins the prize. It was like watching Manoj Night Shayamalan’s thriller movie on the edge of the seat since we had that tension which kid is gonna win with the lemon just slipping on the spoon.

And for the relocation kids, we had the classical drawing competition. We just cant believe that many were able to draw some beautiful pictures and to mention one paticular kid, once the chart and the crayons were given, he just started drawing a duck swimming in a pond and it was an excellent work by that kid.

Prize Distribution
Prize Distribution

Atlast comes the most awaited event which is the sweet distribution for the kids. Variety of sweets like guava, chocolates and biscuits were given to kids and we could see real happiness in their faces. So here is the ending note which is the prize distribution for our winners and a short speech by our thala Mukund which gave a sweet ending for the Independence celebration successfully.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and you might wonder who is this new entry in the community…So its time for me to introduce myself…I am Janardhan working in GenRe project and just started becoming an active member in CSR…Meet you soon with more blogs…:-)

–  J@n@